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Big or small, it'll wash 'em all!

Tired of struggling with washing your dog at home? We know the hassle it can be to wash your pet in your tub: wrestling them to stay put, straining your body to get them in and out, hard on your back to bend over to get the job done, and not to mention the clean up after your pup is clean!


Let us make it easier for you!


We utilize the K9000 pet wash system which features all-natural Tru Blu shampoo. For $12, you will get 10 min to shampoo, condition, treat for fleas and ticks, rinse, and dry - not to mention spend quality time with your beloved pooch! Additional time can be added on at $4 for 5 minutes. 

About Our DIY Wash System


You'll Both Enjoy The Time Together!


How To Wash Your Pet